YSM Rep Offering Guaranteed PPC Placement?

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A very interesting thread is unfolding over at the Search Engine Watch forums. Member “SearchM2” posted, saying his Yahoo Search Marketing rep told him he could lock in top placement in the YSM ad space for a guaranteed, fixed CPC. Other posters (myself included) are dubious, but he insists he’s still negotiating with his rep and it sounds like a go. Speculation is unfolding as to whether the rep is confused, or what else might be going on.

I honestly wonder if the rep he’s talking to even WORKS for Yahoo! Has someone unscrupulous called him, posing as a YSM rep? I hope this isn’t the case, but stranger things have happened in the online marketing world.

I’ll be following this thread with interest. I can’t imagine that it’s legit, but if it is, where do I sign?

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