Webmasterradio.fm Now Charging for Podcasts?

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For the past couple weeks, I’ve had trouble downloading my favorite SEM podcasts, including the Daily Searchcast and PPC Rockstars, into iTunes. Since I’m no iTunes pro, I figured I was doing something wrong. Finally yesterday I went to webmasterradio.fm to try to re-subscribe, or at least download the mp3 files. But when I tried to access the most recent episodes of the shows, I was taken to a login page promoting registration for “less than $.99 a day.”

Huh? Does this mean that I have to pay a couple hundred bucks a year just to access the podcasts I previously could download for free?!? I couldn’t find another way to get at them, other than to listen live – not all that convenient for me, which is why I use iTunes.

If this is truly the only way to subscribe to these podcasts, it’s a huge shame. Was the advertiser-supported model not working? Is there no other way to share this great industry resource without having to pony up?

I hope I’m wrong about this – if anybody has any more info, I’d love to hear it.

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  1. Melissa,

    First, I’m flattered that you download PPCR!

    The Webmasterradio guys are having some technical difficulties – and some people downloading the podcasts are accidentally diverted to the subscription form. The problem will be solved soon.



  2. PPC Rockstars rocks! Seriously – great show David, keep up the good work.

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