Top 10 PPC Training Resources

Whether you’re new to PPC, or are a seasoned professional, there’s always more to learn. Here are 10 PPC training resources for you and your PPC teams to check out.

PPC University

This free resource from the good folks at Wordstream is loaded with everything practitioners need to know about PPC, from the basics through advanced topics.

PPC University is separated into three tracks – PPC 101, 102 and Advanced PPC. Each lesson builds on the last in simple language that anyone can understand, with no jargon! This is a must-check-out resource for anyone who’s new to PPC, or who needs to brush up on any aspect of PPC.

Certified Knowledge Adwords Training

Want to learn from the best? Then check out the video training modules over at Certified Knowledge. Taught by Brad Geddes, who is probably the smartest PPC pro I know, these video lessons cover everything from fundamentals to advanced topics, and even selling PPC. You’ll be an Adwords expert when you complete these modules. There’s a free trial, so go give it a try!

Google Analytics Academy

While not specific to PPC, Google Analytics Academy courses are definitely worth the time. These free, self-paced courses include digital analytics fundamentals, Google Analytics platform principles, e-commerce analytics, and mobile app analytics. And they’re adding new courses every few weeks. I’ve taken a few of these, and have found them valuable for helping to explain analytics and tracking to clients.

In addition to the above courses, there are multiple PPC certifications out there. Preparing for the certification exams is a great way to get PPC training.

Google Adwords Exam

Get certified in Google Adwords by taking the various Adwords certification exams. This post will help you prepare for the exams.

Bing Ads Exam

Bing Ads also has a certification program. Find information on training modules and the exam on the Bing Ads site.

Market Motive

The PPC courses at Market Motive are also taught by Brad Geddes. If you’re interested in SEO, the instructor is Todd Malicoat, otherwise known as Stuntdubl. He has been around the SEO scene forever and is very knowledgeable.

Online Marketing Institute

Aaron Kahlow’s Online Marketing Institute is another good resource for PPC pros. This PPC training will be higher level than some of the other courses, but covers more topics.

Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

DMA certification comes with a well-respected name, and a price tag to match. But you’ll get a good overview with this program.

Web Marketing Today’s PPC Fundamentals Series

I wrote a series of posts for Web Marketing Today that provides a good starting point for anyone new to PPC. I give this to all of our new hires.

PPC Chat

While not an explicit PPC training course, the weekly topics covered during PPC Chat on Twitter are as good a training module as any around. Join PPC experts from around the globe every Tuesday at 12noon Eastern time to discuss various PPC topics. Streamcaps of the chats can be found at the PPC Chat website.

What are your favorite PPC training resources? Got any go-to’s for newbies? Share in the comments!

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10 Resources for New PPC Pros

Over the past 18 months or so, I’ve had the pleasure of writing a series of articles for Web Marketing Today on PPC Basics.  If you haven’t been over to the WMT site lately, give it a read – there are a lot of articles and video interviews with pretty much all the thought leaders in search.

Anyway, the PPC Basics series is a culmination of 10 years in the search biz, all distilled for your reading pleasure!  So if you’re new to PPC, or are in the midst of training a new hire, take a look and let me know what you think.

How Paid Search Fits into Your Marketing Mix

Keyword Research

Account and Campaign Settings

Keyword Match Types

Ad Copy Development and Testing

Bid Management

Quality Score

Evaluating Data



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Google Adwords Training Resources

I’ve often talked about the fact that while PPC seems easy, it’s really not – it may be easy to set up a campaign, but to really get good results and optimize, it takes a lot of practice and learning. Of course, nothing beats the experience of actually setting up and managing your own campaign, ideally in a low-risk situation or under the tutelage of an Adwords professional.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great online learning opportunities out there for would-be Adwords managers who want to start learning even before they’re actively managing a campaign.

Adwords Exam Learning Center

I recommend starting by studying for the Adwords Exam using the Learning Center. If you can pass the exam, you’re definitely ready to manage campaigns on your own.

PPC and SEM Industry Blogs

When I was first starting out in PPC, I read everything I could get my hands on about the craft. The industry was still new (this was 2002, after all), but there were people out there who had done it for longer than I had, and I was anxious to learn from them. Most bloggers in the PPC and SEM industry are very open and willing to share information, and even answer individual questions from their readers. Where else can you get free personalized, one-on-one industry consulting?

Here are some of the blogs I read regularly and recommend:

Search Engine Watch (disclosure: I write a monthly column for Search Engine Watch)
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Roundtable
Inside Adwords
SEER Interactive


I’ve written about getting PPC news from Twitter and about PPC people to follow on Twitter. If you’re not currently using Twitter, I highly suggest you start. You don’t have to actually tweet – just use it like you would an RSS feed! Read tweets from PPC people, and you’ll learn a lot and keep up with the latest. And if you choose to interact, you’ll learn even more, and have a great resource for questions and help with even your most challenging PPC questions.

Adwords Training Videos

The Adwords Learning Center is full of informative videos on everything from the “getting started” basics to use of more advanced features. Our Adwords rep recently sent me some links to how-to videos for several important and effective features, and they’re too good not to share.

Adding Sitelinks
Adding Location Extensions
Using the Search Terms Report
Creating a Mobile Campaign
Setting up Conversion Tracking

He’s adding new videos all the time, so be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you won’t miss the latest!

There you have it – these resources should get you started and keep you learning for a long time to come. Do you have any favorite or top-secret PPC training resources to share?

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