How The Google Ads RSA Changes Affect B2B PPC

Google announced some changes to responsive search ads (RSAs) recently. Here’s how they’ll impact B2B advertisers:

▶ Ads might show just one headline, with the second headline at the beginning of the description. I have mixed feelings on this one for B2B. We often use the first headline either for the brand name, or to match the keyword; and then the second line is pinned with the CTA. This can still work with the single headline and the CTA at the beginning of the description, but I want to see the data. It might look odd in some cases.

▶ Campaign-level headlines and descriptions. This may or may not work for B2B, but I’m glad to have the option. Often we do use the same headlines and descriptions across ad groups in a campaign, and I can definitely see the use for CTAs, special offers, and other marketing tactics. Overall a good thing.

❌ Automated assets can now show in place of your manually created assets. This is an absolutely terrible move for B2B advertisers. For a long time now I’ve recommended shutting off all automated extensions for B2B, because Google tends to pick extensions that don’t make sense or match what you’re advertising. The thing is, Google keeps adding new automated extensions, and they’re turned on by default! And the setting is buried! This is one to put at the top of your audit list – check your settings and definitely opt out of all automated extensions.

What are your thoughts on these RSA changes?

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