Stretch Your Marketing Dollars – My SES Chicago Presentation Recap

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Last week, at SES Chicago, I was honored to be part of the panel on the “Stretch Your Marketing Dollars” session. I presented a case study on one of our Fluency Media clients, where we used PPC to inform SEO.

I love the challenge of working within a small budget. It forces me to get really creative as a PPC manager and make sure I’m spending every cent in the best way possible. In many ways, it’s easier to work with an unlimited budget than with a small, limited one – and it’s more rewarding to see huge results from a relatively small spend.

SES Chicago is somewhat unique in that it tends to attract more in-house SEMs, as well as a lot of newcomers to search. The Stretch Your Marketing Dollars session was no exception – when I polled the audience to find out how many in-house vs. agency folks we had in the room, at least 2/3 of them were in-house SEMs.

I got a lot of great feedback after the session – one person even told me they took pages of notes! I hope the information in the presentation helps you too.

Have you had to work with a small budget? What did you do? What were the results?

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