SMX Advanced 2016: My Presentation

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Yesterday, I presented at SMX Advanced on Conversion Rates and the Laws of Diminishing Astonishment. It was a great panel, and I’m excited to share my deck with my readers. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Mel – Wish I could have been there to see your presentation in person.
    Its great to see that our modeling of campaigns is very similar. I know that presentations can only cover so much territory and you likely orated much more than these slides suggest. However, I’ll add one element for conversation sake. Where you have timeline I also overlay upon this journey stage: Awareness, Interest, Engagement, Conversion, Loyalty. I align each stage of the journey to the keywords, to the ads, to the appropriate marketing piece and measure each stage’s conversion rate (which is to move to the next stage). In one visit conversion models it’s less important, but with business models that have a more complex/expensive/long sales cycle this model works very well.

    Love the family photo’s!

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