PPC: Still Alive and Kicking

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There seems to be a bit of a fad going around lately.  Apparently it’s all the rage to go around saying that PPC is dead.

A few months ago, some fool who isn’t even a PPC pro came out saying that PPC is dead, and we should all be doing social media.  I put that rumor to bed with a post of my own: PPC Is Alive and Well, Thank You.

Well, clueless marketers just can’t get enough of proclaiming the demise of PPC.  Just yesterday, another idiot decided to use the “dead PPC” rallying cry as a thinly-veiled sales pitch for – get this – PPC management services.

Yes, someone actually thought it would be a good idea to announce the time of death of one of the services they’re peddling.  Wow.

And this came on the heels of Google announcing billion-dollar earnings for Q2.

All this talk of death and destruction reminds me of this post, and the awesome aftermath.

We’re not dead yet, folks.

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