PPC for Content Marketing: The Series

In 2015, I published a series of posts on PPC for content marketing. Here are all the posts, in one handy reference for PPC professionals.

PPC and Content Marketing – Thought Starters – thoughts on how PPC and content marketing work together.

PPC and Content Marketing: The 4-Step Content Audit – every content marketing program starts with a content audit. Learn how to do the audit here.

PPC and Content Marketing: Audience Research – audience segments will form the basis of PPC for content marketing.

PPC and Content Marketing: Timing – As they say, timing is everything – even in PPC content marketing.

PPC for Content Marketing: Buyer Journey – an in-depth look at the buyer journey and how it works with PPC.

PPC and Content Marketing: Integration – how to incorporate your content marketing strategy across channels.

PPC for Content Marketing: Channels and Measurement – no content marketing program can demonstrate success without a good measurement plan. Learn how to measure the success of your PPC for content marketing.