Microsoft Bids To Buy Yahoo

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Huge news that broke late yesterday – this is all over the blogosphere and mainstream media, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention it here – Microsoft has made a bid to buy Yahoo for $44.6 billion.

Of course, this is not yet a done deal, although my opinion is it’s as good as done. The ramifications are yet to be determined, and speculation abounds as to what will happen and what the effect will be on SEM. Some think the impact will be huge – and some, like Marketing Quickee, think it’s, well, not so huge.

Here’s my short wish list: Please use the Panama interface for PPC! Don’t make us suffer with adCenter any longer than we have to! Incorporate some of the good features from adCenter (demographic targeting, for one), but please use Panama! It’s come too far to throw away.

As for the bigger picture, I’ll save that for another post – I am trying to get some “real” work done today, after all!

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