8 Killer Landing Page Optimization Tips for PPC

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Earlier this week, I asked some of the best minds in search to give me their #1 landing page optimization tip. You’ll want to bookmark this post, because these experts came through with flying colors! Use these landing page optimization tips as a reference when building new PPC landing pages to make sure you have the best chance of converting!

#1: Maintain relevance. The headline & supporting statements have to be aligned with the ad/source/intent of each visitor segment. From Andrew Miller.

#2: Focus on your offer. Build & optimize the messaging & imagery for it. If done well, then the landing page foundation is set. From James Svoboda.

#3: Speed is key. If landing page elements take too long to load, the prospect will move on. Work with developers to lighten load times. From Chris Kostecki.

#4: Make sure your tone & language match your target audience. Best offers & calls to action won’t work if people don’t understand them. From Julie Bacchini.

#5: The page should make sense and capture attention in a few seconds. If it doesn’t, that’s a problem. People skim. From Jeremy Brown.

#6: People are lazy! Increase conversion by prepopulating lead generation forms using search query & IP address info. From PPC Associates.

#7: Don’t make changes to your landing page too early. Base your change decisions on statistically significant data. From Stu Draper.

#8: Get Rid of Distractions! If you want someone to purchase, don’t distract them with floating newsletter signups. From Bryant Garvin.

Bonus Resource #1: KISSMetrics has a nice list of considerations for landing page optimization for PPC that they’ve creatively put into an acronym for CONVERTS.

Bonus Resource #2: Unbounce put out a cool infographic on landing page optimization for PPC just yesterday. If you’re a fan of visuals, give this one a look.

What’s your favorite landing page optimization tip for PPC? Share in the comments!

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  1. My favorite landing page optimization tip: Use short forms like the ones supported by our EMAIL360 website leadgen application to improve conversion of visitors to leads / deals. Let the application do all the weight lifting by providing location of visitor, product / service of interest to visitor, time spent on interested product / service, and so on.

    • Melissa Mackey says

      Great tip – and one I totally agree with. Long forms almost never convert well, even in complex B2B situations. Thanks for your input!

  2. Great list! Sorry I missed that discussion – here’s a couple more:
    Don’t ever think you are done and found the winner. Always be testing. There’s a winner for every individual and aggregating the data over time can make you complacent. The average audience composition and their tastes too change over time.

    Also do some in person one on one interviews once in awhile with people who have never seen the page, you’ll be surprised what you hear and you will always learn something.

    If everyone is using best practices and you are in a competitive market, maybe test something a little different to stand out in the crowd.

    • Melissa Mackey says

      Thanks Lisa – these are important tips! Love the in-person one – so few companies do this and yet it’s so important to get a fresh set of eyes on landing pages.

  3. Also stick with the content of the ad. If the landing page doesn’t match the ad or the keyword that the people are searching for, people will bounce away.

  4. People do not like filling in too much information in the enquiry forms,the shorter and to the point the form is the better. Great tips by the way Melissa.

  5. Great tips, thank you!

    Relevance and focus are two main keys, I totally agree, and also with all of your other points. However, it’s easier said than done, all landing pages are different and require lots of testing and adjusting.

  6. What about showing visitors -great- previous buyer-experiences on the offer.

  7. John Frederick says

    Those were really killer ones!!! I agree with all the landing page optimization tips you have shared here and will definitely apply those on my website as well. But before landing on your page, i visited on another one for the same insights and i found that useful as well. Here is the url for that: http://blog.abtasty.com/en/4-guidelines-to-optimize-conversion-rates-on-landing-pages. I hope you can get some more points to make this post more useful for your users. Thanks and have a great day!!


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