1. I would add that AdWords has become increasingly complex over time and while he was successful in the past, his odds for these types of issues is increasing more quickly than his ability because it takes a lot of time and effort to stay current with the changes in the PPC world right now.

    • Melissa Mackey says

      Absolutely agree, Robert. Most professions these days change so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up, even when you do it full time. PPC is definitely getting more complex by the day and harder to do on the side.

  2. Agree with Robert. It’s simply complex. Google bills it as simple, but time and time again amateurs learn how complex it is:(

  3. I am not against inhouse PPC. I think a lot of the time it is smart. DIY PPC is almost NEVER smart. The dude lost roughly $50K in revenues for 4 months. That’s $200k in lost revenue. He needs to add that into his calculation of whether he sees a return on investment paying someone else (inhouse or agency side) to do his work.

    Oh, and 25% of adspend (he mentioned $2500 to manage a $10k budget)? Is that the going rate these days? I need to up my rates dramatically! Heck, if he’ll pay 25% of adspend, I may even be willing to do his crazy deal of 2 months free to earn his trust…..probably not….but maybe….nah, never mind. Clients like him think they know everything and look over your shoulder and make changes to the account without telling you and it is just not worth it!

    • Melissa Mackey says

      Hi Stu, thanks for your comment. I’m not against in-house either, by any means – I started as an in-house PPC’er and believe wholeheartedly in it, if it makes sense for the business.

      I debated commenting on the 2 month free thing in the post but left it out – it was getting too long! But I’m glad you brought it up. I was going to comment over at NYT and tell him I’d do 2 months free if he’d give me the use of office furniture for 2 months for free. Think he’d take me up on it? 😉

  4. Mel… I love the way you think! The part that stood out to me the most was how he complained consultants wouldn’t understand his business or attempt to. Like you said that is a bad consultant.

    I tell everyone of my clients, I know PPC, you know your business. We need to marry the two. Understanding the basic and sometimes complex structure of the sales process and the way the company runs can make a huge difference between a stand-out successful PPC practitioner and the ones “everybody complains about”.

  5. Complexity is not only with adwords but analytics as well. It is now getting tougher to make target and Goal in conversion section of analytics. If you are out for more than 6months believe me you need to start again and learn as the things are changing rapidly.

  6. Great post Melissa. Clearly the consultant didn’t think about the business as a whole. If there are larger brands who have more time to spend on optimization the small guys can see diminishing returns. Especially in the furniture space which can be pretty competitive. I’ve actually told small business owners to take their business elsewhere because they can’t compete. If you aren’t willing to put in the time, the ROI almost always tapers off.

    Adding a new product wouldn’t inherently be a bad thing unless he a had a poor account structure as you mentioned.


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